America continues to extend the investigation of stainless steel plates of Vietnam

The America Department of Commerce (DOC) is expected to issue the final conclusion of the anti-tax evasion investigation on stainless steel plates of Vietnam until January 5, 2022.

It is known that the case was initiated to investigate in May 2020 because the US suspected that Vietnam’s stainless steel plate was tax evasion. This is reflected in the export value of stainless steel products from Vietnam to the US increased by US$ 122 million, equivalent to an increase of 180.4%, compared with the period of 40 months ago, after Washington investigated for the first time, started with Chinese products on 3/3/2016.

DOC has investigated the product scope to determine whether products manufactured in China and then further processed in Vietnam before being exported to the United States are subject to tariffs; and investigating the anti-tax avoidance behavior of Vietnamese enterprises.

Since February 2017, DOC has imposed duties on stainless steel products originating in China with anti-dumping duties ranging from 63.86 to 76.64% and anti-subsidy tax from 75.60% to 190. ,71%. Meanwhile, the US import tax rate applied to Vietnam’s stainless steel plate is 0%.

The Trade Remedies Department recommends that related businesses regularly exchange and coordinate closely while actively cooperating and providing information to the investigation agency; promptly comment on the conclusions of the DOC or the issues raised by the interested parties.

Information resource: CafeLand

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